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Tour a Latin Grocery Store

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From the outside let’s face it, much to be desired. A look inside Latin Grocery store brought to you by Gringa Chef. Compared to its counterparts the big box stores it doesn’t look big enough to have what you need. Inside however the latin grocery stores are a true gem in the rough. The guide will let you have the confidence to make a trip for yourself and try something new.

Bakery– one step inside and you most likely meet every sweet treat you have yet to try. Different shapes and sizes all different flavors. I recommend them all.  Most latin pastries do not have the extreme Sugar that American bakery items do. Take a few home to enjoy with coffee or a snack.

– a much smaller selection than at the supermarket, the quality will make up for it. You can often find fresher local ingredients, the owners make smaller deliveries and deal with local vendors. You don’t have to put as many preservatives and wax on produce that are sold in smaller quantities as the latin markets. Items like Yuca, plantains, chilis, catus, and more. If you find something you have never tried get it and look for a recipe in Gringa Chef

Marinated Meats– the meat section always fresh, there is almost no frozen section. The marinated meat section is a BBQ waiting to happen. The fajita meat(Skirt steak) covered in delicious spices and flavors are ready to grill and cook very fast. When I first started buying the marinated meat it was pretty cheap, gringos have caught on and it goes for almost $2 more in my neighborhood but well worth it.


Eat in the back of the Latin Grocery Store, ask for to try the most popular item

Eating Section-most latin stores are also restaurants, you can buy tacos, pupusas, empanadas depending where the owners are from. Ask the person behind the counter the most popular dish people order. Cheap simple snack while you shop priceless.

dirt cheap spices, ground, whole you name it. Double down on your spice collection here. You can refill your mccormick bottles with good priced Latin grocery store brand. Most popular peppercorns, bay leaf, cumin, paprika, pumpkin seeds, anise, cheyenne,  

Tour a Latin Grocery Store this really should be number one. Latins have amazing taste in Cheese. Panella that you can grill. Yes, grilled cheese does not get better that that. Queso fresco and cotija cheese, try them all. Let gringa chef show you how.

I hope that next time you drive by one of these establishments you will stop in. The last best thing about a latin grocery store is the people. Always willing to help, may of the owners are often the ones helping. You don’t have to speak Spanish, everyone can communicate food. The first time I walked in it was because i just didn’t want to drive all the way to the super store, and I kept coming back because of the selection and people. Buy some new items and cook them with Gringa Chef. Found this interesting? Please share.