Cooking Latin food, Explaining Latin culture and blogging about it all

About Gringa Chef


cooking latin foods

Gringa Chef: Cooking latin foods, explaining latin culture and blogging about it all.

Im on top of the world when I'm cooking, writing and EATING

I’m on top of the world when I’m cooking, writing and EATING

Gringa Chef is a product of years of traveling, trying and tasting latin foods. When I started looking for recipes and how to guides, I did not find that much out there. The videos and recipes were in Spanish and had really foreign ingredients and concepts.  Many of my latin friends did not even know how to make many of the dishes I was craving back in the states. So Gringa Chef was born.

My goals for Gringa Chef:

Show easy ways to make Latin Foods for everyone

Explain Latin Culture

Get people around the table for amazing food with family and friends

Travel and bring back recipes and culture

Source Ingredients and tools

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