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About Gringa Chef

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Emily Collins born in Washington DC, raised in Falls Church, VA. attended college at Washington State University Pullman, WA with a rowing scholarship and a degree in nutrition. completed her nutrition degree practicum hours at The University of Houston. She worked 10 years in the senior living industry as a dietitian, food service director and sales director before starting Gringa chef.


why did you start gringa chef?

Actually was my husband’s idea, I was cooking san cocho de costilla one sunday afternoon and he give me a kiss and tells me i’m the best gringa chef ever and that he should really film me making all my latin recipes. The seed was planted, at the same time i had been wanting to start a web page of some kind but didn’t know what.


How did you learn how to make latin dishes?

I started asking a lot of latina friends i knew in the states and most of the time the reply was “i don’t know” so I started searching online in many cases the recipes where youtube videos in spanish and hard to follow or the ingredients were not available here. I also listened to any one that was patient enough to teach me and explain. The more I learned the more I wanted to share.

Gringa Chef dressed for

Gringa Chef dressed for cinco de mayo 

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