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3 ways to Ensure a good year, New years eve Hispanic traditions

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We all have our folklore for what will makes a good year from the kiss and champagne to black eyed peas. In central and south America they have their own ways of ringing in the new year. Superstitions can seem silly but the intention that you put into can predict your outcome for the next year. So don’t take these rituals lightly. Why not try all three and see if its better than last year.

I can use all the luck I can get

  1. Eat twelve grapes when the clock strikes midnight.For a foodies this may seem really funny the prospect of trying to chew and swallow round squishy grapes. The tradition started in Spain and traveled with the spaniards to latin america where the prospect of a year without eating the lucky grapes is grim. So forget that smooch cause you won’t have time to eat them all in time. Even more hysterical would be to combine the traditions and eat and kiss
  2. #newyears #newyeareveWear the right color underwear  Yes you heard me, what you put one first will determine your year. Choose wisely because red underwear ensures a year of LOVE. everyone wants a great love life weather you want a boyfriend/husband, or want your spouse to light the fire again or just fun time for new years. Select yellow you are ensuring money, who doesn’t need more of that. I feel like I would have to search out some yellow panties… or better yet put on both. Money and love sounds like the good start to the year
  3. Take your suitcases around the block. Hoping for a year of traveling and trying new places and cultures. Pull those suitcase out of the closet and walk around the block…or house if you are feeling like your neighbors will look at you funny….ask them to watch your place while you are gone because this is the year of travel for you.

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