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3 Reasons you should Marry your Latin Lover

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#latinlover #mariage #culture

Let me tell you why you should seal the deal

Been dating a latino or latina, having doubts if they are the one? Here are three reasons you should be ALL in and put a ring on it. Make that Latin Lover yours forever.

  1. The Family- latino families are super close, whatsapp I swear was invented to keep latino families connected. The constant calls and facetime may seem pesky at first but having family close and connected is a huge bonus in the latin American culture. Keep in mind it’s the WHOLE family, third cousins and great great aunts everyone is connected. Many kids stay with their parents till they are married, there is no stigma against not leaving the next right away. Can we say amazing option when saving for your first house!  US culture has changed a little bit closer to this direction especially because we can still be on our parents insurance till we are 26. In contrast to the USA nuclear family and very spread out roots it’s a nice change. You may be lucky enough to have all your family close, if you don’t marrying into a close family is a win. The old adage you marry the family, it so true here and it’s always interesting with a big family.
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    Feel the passion for everything !

  2. The Passion– From Soccer “football” to food to the weather. Latinos have passion about it! Opening a perfectly ripe avocado, how that new outfit looks on you, their team making it to the world cup. The enthusiasm is infectious. You can’t help but get swept up in the when your latin lover is screaming at the TV GOOOOAAAALLLL. The passion is true in your relationship to, the same caring, attention goes into who they love. Enjoy the excitement of being truly passionate about everything. Good ingredient for long term love.
  3. The Food– no matter what country your latin love is from the diversity and new flavors will turn you on. Latin cooking is made in the home and cooked with the family and passion I have already clued you in on. Take advantage of this and travel back to the home land and try everything! New ways of cooking, flavors and textures. If you like what you find I can show you how to make it stateside.

I fell for my latin lover and have enjoyed all of it. I wanted so badly to have latin food I started cooking it and now sharing with you on Gringa Chef. So go ahead with feet first, check out my recipes and make him/her a dish from home and seal the deal. Check out my blog to for more cultural tips and funny stories from my gringa/latina marriage. I’ll even show you what to expect at the wedding.